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Happy New Year! I thought Id start the new year off with a brand new post about someone making something new out of the old. (that’s a stretch, I just found this was too good not to share it with you guys. Believe me I never think that far ahead.)

This kid from Western Australia takes films (mostly animated features I think) and rearranges the scenes to produce full length songs. Amazing. I love this newest one of Pixar’s “UP”.

from YouTube: “Pogo is an emerging electronic music artist in Perth, Western Australia. He is known for his work recording small sounds from a single film or scene and sequencing them to form a new piece of music.

His most notable track, Alice, a composition of sounds from the Disney film Alice In Wonderland, was received with much success gaining over 4 million views on YouTube as of December 2009. Pogo has since produced tracks from films like Mary Poppins, Harry Potter, The Sword In The Stone, Hook, and Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.

Interviews with Pogo have been held by ComfortComes, Brains?, PerthQuake,
Kittysneezes and Melanie McBride Online. Pogo can be subscribed to on YouTube, MySpace and”

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“poppop played a doctor on the season premier of season 5 of the Golden Girls…”

(blank stares….)

“Its the one where Dorthy gets….”

“Shut up.”

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Love Games

Does Lady Gaga watch the Mighty Boosh? this is relating two of my posts. Get a sample of each and listen to 1:00 of the Lady’s song and then the begining of Old Gregg’s rendition notice anything?


someone needs to do a mash-up.

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Video Phone



Okay, Okay, I’m moderately obsessed with Lady Gaga…and I love Beyonce too. They are the two most creative female artists when it comes to videos, and now they areĀ  in a video together! Even though I really love the Bond influence, I wish this video pushed boundaries more, especially after seeing Lady Gaga’s new video. But, I know its Beyonce, and she has a huge mainstream audience that might be scared off if they saw her laying in bed with a dead body or with overly anorexic CGI manipulated dancers. Oh well.

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Re-Blog thesis Blog


(Slideshow via RushmoreAcademy)

This is a culmination of two of my favorite things.

I have been waiting for this! I need to go to Bergdorfs and check this out for myself, its such an incredible idea. Especially for a Wes Anderson movie, his work is always so meticulous in regards to set design.

Bergdorf’s window design has always been a great event for me. I love merchandising and their design teams always come up with the romantically beautiful displays. Winter is my favorite time of year but the windows at Bergdorfs make it extra memorable.

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Trailer Round Up

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This is Awesome…



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